Monday, November 5, 2012

Merry "intentional" Christmas!

Goal: To be intentional with the way we celebrate Christmas.

Last year, a mother of five told me how they plan for Christmas gifts.  In remembrance of the gold, frankincense and myrrh given to Christ, they give each of their children three gifts. 
  • Gold: something the child really wants, something of "value."
  • Frankincense: something for spiritual growth (Bible, devotional, Christian music)
  • Myrrh: something for the body (clothing, soaps, perfume, etc.)
This worked great for our family last year.  It made me put thought into what I bought.  When I had gifts for each of the categories, I knew I was finished.  They also had pajamas given to them on Christmas Eve and stockings for Christmas morning filled with small gifts and snacks. 

Worship Fully
We will make celebrating Christ our focus, not the stress and busyness of the season. 

Spend less
In addition to limiting the gifts for our children to the gold, frankincense & myrrh themed gifts, we plan on being more intentional with gifts for family and friends. We will spend more time creating fun memories making handmade gifts. 

Give More
We will spend more quality time with the one we love and spend more time serving others.

Love all
We will select a gift from the World Vision catalog to bless children in need.

For more information and inspiration on how to fully celebrate Christmas, check out Advent Conspiracy

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