Friday, November 23, 2012

Simplicity. Part 2

Black Friday has come and gone.  

I have been up before dawn to wait in line at Home Depot for a spectacular savings on a cart full of items.  I do not think there is anything wrong with trying to save some money.  In fact, I've had very pleasant experiences with cheerful shoppers.  Thankfully, my Black Friday experiences haven't been like those that show up on the news.

I didn't venture out this year.  I made one online purchase (a super exciting early Christmas gift for myself) before going to bed Thursday.

My Black Friday was spent purging, organizing, and trying to get things OUT of my house.  

You can find my Simplicity goal for this week here.  The following is what was accomplished:

  • I successfully boxed up new and slightly used baby items to take to the local pregnancy center.
  • I boxed up other new and slightly used baby items to take to two young moms in need. 
  • I posted some home decor & books on our local community Facebook Selling page.
  • I even placed some big items at the end of my driveway (2 for a very reasonable price and 2 for FREE).*
Tomorrow I will deliver my boxes and hopefully sell a few of my Facebook & end-of-the-driveway items! 

*Yard sales are very popular in our community.  My favorite type of yard sale is the unmanned kind. We place a few larger items (old appliances, furniture, strollers) with a sign taped to them at the end of our driveway for people walking or driving by to see. 

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.  -Leonardo da Vinci

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