Monday, December 3, 2012

"Joy to the World" Banner Update

You can get your own "Joy to the World" banner here.  Simply click the images at the bottom of the post to enlarge, then save, print, cut, and hang!
I posted the printable images for this banner before I knew where I was hanging my own! Well, I've decided to hang it at mom's house.  It looks great in her home with her Christmas decor.  My mom and I chose to hang it in two rows. We used simple black curling ribbon because that is what was readily available at my parent's house. (Use what you have!) 


  1. did you make this? I LOVE IT!!! Too bad it is January now! next year.

  2. Just a little fun with Photoshop on a Friday night. :)

  3. this is exactly what i was looking for! classic, chic, and goes with everything. it's the "little black dress" of christmas banners. :D

  4. Your banner is so lovely. I just printed it out and hung it over my nativity set and love love love it. Thank you so very much!


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