Friday, March 29, 2013

Pulling Weeds

Today is Good Friday. 

I've been home with my boys all week for Easter break.  We've spent our days wearing jammies, watching movies, eating yummy things for breakfast that I don't have time to make on weekdays.  

It has been refreshing.  

It's also been a lot of work!

The weather has warmed up, and I've been spending many hours each day in my yard pulling weeds, raking leaves, etc.  You know, all of that yard work that needs to be done after winter to get your beds back in shape for spring & summer.  These photos are from last year.  Inspiration for what is about to grow!

I have 8 flower beds to weed and clean up.  Eight! 

To be honest, I enjoy doing yard work.  The time spent pulling weeds is peaceful and therapeutic. I love seeing the beauty and creativity of God when I'm in my yard. 

As I have been busy prepping my flower beds for the new growing season, I was reminded of God's love and compassion for us.  He is faithful to renew his mercies for us each morning...just like new flowers in spring!  What a blessing! 

There have been plenty of fun times this week with my boys.  And a few times that I didn't think I could take one more ounce of defiance or disobedience from them! Ugh, the weeds.  Raising kids is an awful lot like weeding a flower bed.  In order to "grow" healthy children we need to be consistent with parenting.  Look to God's Word for guidance.  Love them, nurture them, pray for them, train them.  

And even after a tough day "in the flower bed", remember His mercies begin afresh each morning. 

So this Good Friday as I remember what Christ did on the cross for me, I am so grateful.  
Grateful that I am saved. 
Grateful for the relationship I have with the Creator of the universe. 
Grateful for His love, faithfulness, compassion, grace and mercy.  

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  1. I love this Shelbey. A sweet analogy and an important reminder of our Savior's love and faithfulness to each of us. Happy Easter! Candy


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