Friday, April 26, 2013

Baby "Owlet" Shower

Today I was blessed to help out at a baby shower for a friend at school.  I coordinated some games, prizes and party favors.

These cute little guys were cut using this pattern from the Silhouette Online Store to adorn the tables holding treats.  

A simple pink paper "booklet" was the source for our games.  Included in the booklet were a literature game and spelling game.  

Spelling Game:
Using the letters from mom and dad's name, guests had to see how many names they could create in three minutes.  The winners of the various categories (most names, longest name, most interesting name, etc) won either a BabyRuth candy bar or a bookmark. 

Literature Game:
I found this great idea for a shower game to figure out the titles of children's books. 

Prizes for the literature game were this cute little owl holding a Barnes & Noble gift card and mini composition books bundled up with a pen and bookmark. 


It was a fun celebration as we all eagerly await the birth of a sweet baby girl. 

Check out my pinterest board here for more owl baby shower ideas. 

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