Friday, May 31, 2013

Hats Off!

As I was shopping with my three year old today, I asked him if there was anything special he'd like.  We are officially on Summer vacation, and I wanted him to pick a treat to celebrate.  

He picked watermelon and marshmallows.  

I don't make it a habit to buy marshmallows without something specific in mind to make with them, so I thought quickly about how I could turn them into s'mores grad caps as we added his items to the cart.

Today I have a niece and nephew graduating from high school, and tomorrow is their graduation celebration party. I made these simple chocolate dipped marshmallows topped with a graham cracker and licorice tassel for the party.

They are cute and simple. 

They were super easy to make too. 

After inserting the stick and dipping the marshmallow in chocolate, I simply set the marshmallow on a graham cracker making an upside down hat. When it was dry I picked up the stick to turn it right side up and dabbed on a bit more chocolate to hold the tassel.

Check out some "pinspiration" here for some really elaborate caps made with chocolate covered graham crackers.  Or check out my son's art party "paint pots" here. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Preparing for Summer {and a Printable}

Are you ready for summer?  Do you have vacations and trips planned?

Instead of thinking about the excitement of trips and fun that is to be had, I've been thinking about the simple, the mundane, the everyday life part of summer.  Simply put - just being together.

As much as I am looking forward to just being together and enjoying my kids and husband, the amount of time we spend together is going to be a big change from our school schedule.

I'll be the first to admit that we aren't perfect.  Our kids aren't perfect.  We thankfully are saved by faith and have a relationship with a God that is perfect!  My relationship with God is a daily reminder of how to treat others.  God is gracious to me when I don't deserve it.  God loves me no matter how many times I mess up.  He is patient with me.

We are going to enjoy spending time with each other this summer. We are going to have fun, laugh, play, but I'm sure the boys are going to fight over toys, say hurtful words, get on each others nerves, etc.

As summer is quickly approaching, I am trying to prepare our hearts and our home for the upcoming months together.  I love all of those family rules signs you see creative people making as you browse pinterest! I've come up with a very simple set of rules based on Ephesians 4:32 and 1 Corinthians 13-4:8.

This will be our motto this summer:

Three things.

Three things to remember.

Three things to remind us how to treat each other.

Three things to remind us of God's goodness to us.

Be kind. Have patience. Give grace.

If you would like to print your own sign, please do! Simply click on the color image(s) of your choice to enlarge, then right click to save to your computer.

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

For the Love of Font!

I thought I'd share a few fonts that have caught my eye lately!  Downloading and installing fonts to add to your font book on your computer only takes seconds.

Don't forget to go to wordmark when you are creating your typographic masterpieces! Simply type a word and it will display that word in all of the fonts loaded on your computer. Instantly you can compare font styles, thicknesses, etc. until you find the desired effect you are trying to create.

Click the links below to download your favorite fonts!

Joss and Main

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lady Bugs & Skunks

We have been watching our step this last week because lady bug larvae were everywhere! 
I was happy to see this little guy this morning on some lamb's ear. 

The sweet peas have been growing for awhile and today was the first time I saw one with a couple of flowers.  I hope to keep the deer away from them, but that is a hard, constant battle! 

Speaking of critters, we had an unwelcome 24 hour guest in our garage this week.  We closed our garage door the other night without realizing a skunk was inside.  The next morning we awoke to find the remnants of a wild night with dog food spread about the garage floor and a sleeping skunk in the corner.  I'm happy to report he left without any "stinky problems" the next evening.  

Our pumpkin vines are beginning to show some growth!

I love to see flowers in unexpected places.  These alyssum are a welcome addition to this little wall.

My tiny little lamb's ear plants from last year are GIANTS right now and about to bloom.

I only lost a few buds of Jupiter's Beard to some deer a few weeks back.  It is filling in nicely in this planter. 

The cool, light green leaves of the Lamium look lovely tucked in under the Jupiter's Beard. 

Jupiter's Beard, Lamb's Ear, Hydrangea, and Alyssum enjoying some morning shade by the kids' favorite sitting rock.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Tummies, Anniversaries & Mother's Day

About two years ago, my kindergartner started complaining of tummy aches.   

After a series of doctor's appointments and tests, my husband and I celebrated our 11th anniversary in a hospital in LA on pins and needles as our little boy had his first major tummy surgery.  You can read all about his malrotation story here

Four days later, we brought our son home on Mother's Day.  It was the best Mother's Day ever knowing he had a much needed surgery that would not only end his tummy aches, but that would prevent some potentially serious issues with his intestines. 

This time of year as I celebrate our anniversary and Mother's Day, I am thankful for the health of our two sons and the opportunity to be their mom!  God has blessed my husband and I with two adorable, smart, crazy kids!  

Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there! In my opinion, it's not just a day to celebrate mothers, but families! Enjoy those kiddos who made you a momma!

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