Friday, May 31, 2013

Hats Off!

As I was shopping with my three year old today, I asked him if there was anything special he'd like.  We are officially on Summer vacation, and I wanted him to pick a treat to celebrate.  

He picked watermelon and marshmallows.  

I don't make it a habit to buy marshmallows without something specific in mind to make with them, so I thought quickly about how I could turn them into s'mores grad caps as we added his items to the cart.

Today I have a niece and nephew graduating from high school, and tomorrow is their graduation celebration party. I made these simple chocolate dipped marshmallows topped with a graham cracker and licorice tassel for the party.

They are cute and simple. 

They were super easy to make too. 

After inserting the stick and dipping the marshmallow in chocolate, I simply set the marshmallow on a graham cracker making an upside down hat. When it was dry I picked up the stick to turn it right side up and dabbed on a bit more chocolate to hold the tassel.

Check out some "pinspiration" here for some really elaborate caps made with chocolate covered graham crackers.  Or check out my son's art party "paint pots" here. 

1 comment:

  1. ha! those are so cute! What a clever idea!

    I stopped by from the Sunday Showcase Party and would love to have you come visit my project if you get a chance! Happy Monday!


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