Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lady Bugs & Skunks

We have been watching our step this last week because lady bug larvae were everywhere! 
I was happy to see this little guy this morning on some lamb's ear. 

The sweet peas have been growing for awhile and today was the first time I saw one with a couple of flowers.  I hope to keep the deer away from them, but that is a hard, constant battle! 

Speaking of critters, we had an unwelcome 24 hour guest in our garage this week.  We closed our garage door the other night without realizing a skunk was inside.  The next morning we awoke to find the remnants of a wild night with dog food spread about the garage floor and a sleeping skunk in the corner.  I'm happy to report he left without any "stinky problems" the next evening.  

Our pumpkin vines are beginning to show some growth!

I love to see flowers in unexpected places.  These alyssum are a welcome addition to this little wall.

My tiny little lamb's ear plants from last year are GIANTS right now and about to bloom.

I only lost a few buds of Jupiter's Beard to some deer a few weeks back.  It is filling in nicely in this planter. 

The cool, light green leaves of the Lamium look lovely tucked in under the Jupiter's Beard. 

Jupiter's Beard, Lamb's Ear, Hydrangea, and Alyssum enjoying some morning shade by the kids' favorite sitting rock.

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