Saturday, July 6, 2013

Boys' Bathroom Update {Progress}

Having company is a sure fire way to inspire you to finish up a project. Thank you, 4th of July!

On the summer to do list is our hall bathroom used by the boys and guests. It was a jumbled up mess of different styles.

The original design direction for our house was to transform it to look more like a 1900's craftsman and less 1997. We used some dark greens and brown paint to help achieve this (hence the green vanity).  At some point this shifted to a more cowboy-chic direction in the bathroom, and I added a teal & blue shower curtain, iron accents, and blue-green walls....but left the vanity dark green.  Oh my. Then my taste shifted again from turn of the century craftsman to old farmhouse.

In an attempt to transform the whole bathroom into one cohesive style, the vanity was painted white, two layers of trim were added to the wall (along with paint), and a new shower curtain was purchased (Target).

The boys aren't capable of hanging their towels properly on a traditional towel bar so the hooks were added.

The white vanity and walls brighten up the dark, poorly lit room (new lighting to be added soon...hopefully).

Art, accessories, new countertop, and a new light fixture are still on the to do list, but I'm very pleased with the transformation so far! 

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