Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Snack Bar for Dinner

{Cardboard Party}

I had a hard time deciding what type of food goes with a cardboard party.  Rice cakes? People always say those taste like cardboard.  :)

Since I decided to have a gas station, cars, and drive-in theater for the party, I figured a "Snack Bar" that would have been found at a drive-in sounded better than rice cakes.

As you can see from the sign, we served hot dogs, chili dogs, nachos, fruit and pasta salad.  Plastic containers with lids were used for the fruit and pasta salad so they could be assembled ahead of time and stored in the fridge, but easily fit into the kraft food boat with the hot dog.

hoarded saved boxes for months so I would hopefully have the correct sizes to use on the food table to hide the non-cardboard food containers and such.

It was a fast and fun way to serve dinner.

The cake looked like a cardboard box with shipping labels and a stamp. 

This kids ate their dinner in their cars by the drive in theater.

We had about 20 cars made up for all the little drivers. 

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