Thursday, August 15, 2013

Angry Birds Bean Bag Game

{Cardboard Party}

Inspired by this angry bird can game, we decided to make our own yard game with cardboard boxes, plastic containers and bean bags.

For the pigs, I saved a canola oil container, juice container and some cleaning wipes containers. They were simply spray painted green. I didn't even fuss with removing all of the paper labels because they wouldn't be seen from the front!  I was planning on cutting paper eyes to complete their faces, but at the last minute before guests arrived I scribbled on some quick faces.

For the bean bags, I used felt cut into squares.  I cut and sewed on various shapes to make those angry faces! Then sewed up 3 sides, added rice, and then sewed up the remaining side.

I arranged the boxes and pigs and labeled everything from the back so the "brick wall" could easily/quickly be assembled over and over.

4 bean bags means 4 chances to knock out all 5 piggies.

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