Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Art

The post where I brag on my little artist....

Big brother's first watercolor

The annual fundraising auction is approaching at our school.  We are the WORST at asking for donations.  So rather than go out into the community to seek donations, my son and I decided to work on some paintings this weekend to contribute to the event.

My son recently turned 8.  We knew he was blessed with a special artistic eye when he started producing drawings that were to scale and with pretty good perspective when he was only 4. This weekend, he used watercolor pencils for the first time and learned some blending and painting techniques. First of all, I am just amazed at his ability to look at a picture (red maple leaf on the right) and copy it on to his blank paper (left).  No "grid" tricks or looking at the "negative" space...just simply looking and copying.

We will see if our artistic weekend attempt will help us with our fundraising goal.  
If no one else likes them, hopefully grandpa will! ;)

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