Friday, November 29, 2013

Indian Corn Fall Wreath

Happy Black Friday!  

No crazy 3am shopping experience for me today.  I did take advantage of one online sale though.

The big plan for today was to put up the tree. My little blonds helped me put "Fall" away and pull out some Christmas boxes from the basement.  My 8 year old is growing up too fast. He helped me carry in the tree.  Then he set it up for me! I added the mesh ribbon, but he single handedly decorated our tree. It was so fun to have his help.

We removed our pumpkins and fall wreath from the porch to replace with Christmas decor. I thought
I'd share my super simple and cheap wreath I had up this year…also, you can see the lovely shade of turquoise that I recently painted.

The supplies:
Two wreaths from the Dollar Tree, twine and a some Indian corn from the grocery store.  
I think I spent  around $5.00.
Directions: Simply tie it all together and try to have it not look too wonky! :)

Time to plan for Christmas, enjoy the lights and music, waste time on pinterest, watch all the great Christmas movies, and try to keep the focus on Christ!

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