Saturday, December 14, 2013

Laundry Room {Progress}

When we purchased our house five years ago, we knew immediately that the laundry room layout was not going to work (it was more of a hallway than a place to fold clothes).  We also immediately knew what to do. We borrowed space from bedroom #3 by reframing the closet and moving the door location. The bedroom lost a little bit of closet space but not much. The other benefit of moving the bedroom closet to the right was the addition of double doors on the adjacent wall.  We use this room as additional living space (not as a bedroom).  The double door entry faces the living room in the revised layout.

Original bedroom closet on the left.
Original doorway about to be closed up in the "Progress" photo.

After the new double doorway opening was cut and framed (along with paint samples). 

That large window is the ONLY window in the house that looks out to the front yard.  I'm so happy that window now feels like it is part of our living space and not isolated to the bedroom.

The calendar is hanging where the old bedroom door was located.

Back to the Laundry Room…

In the new space added to laundry room we installed a clothes rod and patched the tile on the floor.  We planned to have a countertop for folding with hamper storage below…and we lived with it like this for 5 years (no countertop and no shelf above the clothes rod).  

FIVE years! 

I don't know how time flies so fast and unfinished projects get forgotten, but thanks to the help of my handy dad, we built/installed a countertop this summer.  We also added the shelf above the rod and made a removable platform for the hampers to create shoe storage below them. The woodwork was painted white.

This is what it looks like when entering from the garage. The new hamper storage space and countertop is to the right of the door. The laundry room isn't gigantic, but it is very usable. 

Finally, progress has been made!  

What a relief to have a place for folding clothes other than the couch. 

Lighting, rugs, and some decorative accents are on the never ending "list", 
but I am very pleased with its current state…
    ….after 5 years.  :)
The wall color is slightly off in the photos, sorry. 
It is a teal-gray called Behr Cloudburst (lightened 50%).

Now to figure out a creative and inexpensive solution to hide that water heater...

Joss and Main

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