Sunday, May 25, 2014

Yard-work Progress {2014}

I like to photograph my flower beds throughout the year. 

It's fun to look back and see the changes and progress. :)

Here's the "big planter" at the beginning of Spring:

and now:
There are a few bare spots still, but it's looking better!

Backside of the "three rocks" planter at the beginning of Spring:

I accidentally let this side of the planter get filled with grass seed. So I had to pull out my English daisies.  It's a little bare right now. You can see the start of sunflowers and petunias. I also added some Jupiter's beard that I'm hoping will take over this side of the planter in the next few years.  

The "three trees" planter in the beginning of Spring:

 And now with the Jupiter's Beard taking off: 

Jupiter's Beard

Petunias in a pot


Sweetpeas (deer food!)

On this Memorial Day weekend,
enjoy your family and have a time of reflection and remembrance.  

I'm thankful for all the service members who bravely fought for our country and paid the ultimate price.

God bless! 

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