Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Thank you for joining me here as I share things happening around my home. 
Enjoy your time with your loved ones this Thanksgiving Day.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Decorating with Windmills (Inspiration)

As I mentioned recently, we picked up this windmill over the weekend. 

We plan on hanging a portion of it in the living room. 

Here are a few inspirational photos I found on Pinterest. 



Can't wait to see if we can hang ours...

Monday, November 10, 2014

Rusty Windy Decor

I'm still enjoying this painted wheelbarrow that greets us as we pull in the driveway.  I'm hoping next spring/summer I can have better luck with flowers planted in it, but for now, it is doing a good job holding pumpkins.

Just beyond the wheelbarrow is a little bit of rusty goodness we picked up this weekend.

This windmill was originally on a homestead about 30 miles away approximately 100 years ago!  
I found it for sale in my neighborhood via a Facebook selling group. 

This summer I saw a portion of a windmill hanging in an antique shop for sale.  We live in an area famous for wind & wind turbines, so I thought it would be fitting to decorate with a windmill. I immediately fell in love with the idea but not the price tag.  This one I found this weekend was more affordable…but a lot of work to get ready to hang. 

 I'm thinking we will hang a portion of about 7 blades on our extremely tall wall in the living room.

This windmill has a story to tell.  

There are areas with rusty repairs…

and with bullet holes!

I told my husband he could veto this whole idea since I will be leaving it up to him how to get it up on the wall. He was on board though, and this rusty beauty came home with us yesterday.

Joss and Main
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