Friday, February 13, 2015

I'm WHEELY glad we're friends

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you are taking some time to do something special for the ones you love and not just getting caught up in the craziness of getting all the supplies ready for the kids' school party. :)

I tried to keep it simple this year, but I still felt like throwing in the towel half way through the Valentine card making/signing madness!  But we finished without tears (me and them) and enjoyed most of the process.

I decided not to buy cards this year and make them again (what's new?), but I wanted to keep it simple. The boys and I each needed 33+ cards for our school Valentine's party.

I cut simple hearts with slits to slide onto pencils from myself to the students and simply signed my name on the heart.

My youngest (with a little help) glued a mustache, eyes, and hat onto a heart. They turned out so cute...extra glue smeared here and there and all!

My oldest simply signed his name on to cards I designed, printed, and cut. They were WHEELY simple but WHEELY cute.

He also really wanted to make "dill pickle" valentines and use the phrase "You mean a great DILL to me" like he'd seen on a TV show. I thought it would be fun, but not times 33. So he made pickles in canning jar cards for the teachers at our school with pieces I cut using my Silhouette.

I spent $4 on supplies from the dollar store (pencils and googly eyes) and a couple of dollars on card stock from an office supply store that sells it by the sheet. I love how we each made different cards but had a unified color scheme.

Enjoy your loved ones this weekend and always! 

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