Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Packing Supplies Found in the Kitchen

This season of my life is devoted to moving! The days of designing/painting signs and decorating my house will return, but right now it's all about purging, packing, and planning! 

My mom has graciously been helping me pack my kitchen.  I don't even want to help me pack my kitchen!  There are necessary supplies to purchase such as boxes and tape, but we've been using supplies that I already had on hand to protect the items inside the boxes. 

 Breakable home decor items were carefully packed by my dad using all of my dishtowels

For Mason jars, glasses, coffee mugs, etc., we've been placing them individually inside a lunch bag.  They are very well protected! 

Coffee filters have been used to wrap around smaller glasses so that I can fit two into a lunch bag.   Coffee filters or napkins make a nice a buffer between stacked small bowls. 

Larger items were wrapped with paper cut from a 60 yard roll that costs about $3 (found in the paint department of your hardware store). I had some of this on hand left over from the Cardboard Party, but I did buy another roll for packing.  

Napkins were used between plates. 

I'd love to know some of your moving and packing tips! Especially if it involves saving money!

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