Friday, July 31, 2015

Unpacking and Adjusting

After what seemed to be a never ending move, we are settling in to our new home.  We moved to a town that is a little over an hour from our old home.  We are planning to enjoy our temporary stop here in this house as we plan and prepare to buy a home in this area...even if that means packing and moving again.

Here's a peek at my new surroundings. 
 I love the outdoor spaces. 

View from the porch :)


 Dining Room

I pushed half unpacked boxes out of view to make it look "done" for the photo…don't mind that TV on the floor. :) 

We are mostly unpacked now = yay!!!

  We went a few weeks without internet and phone = unpleasant :(

We still don't have our dryer hooked up (needs repairing) = hanging clothing everywhere to dry

Birthday party tomorrow for my eldest = stay tuned for some pictures (doing only a few SIMPLE decorations)

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