Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Simple Party Decorations

I knew throwing a birthday party in the middle of moving into a new home would be a challenge. 

I also knew it would be motivation to unpack, clean, and decorate. 

Although I enjoy making party decorations, I let myself off the hook this time.  I kept things simple with two store bought items for impact plus one homemade item.  Instead of spending weeks on homemade decor like I did with the cardboard party :) I only spent an hour making a white banner. 

Simple paper wheels taped to the backsplash drew your eye in to the kitchen from the front door. 

These cute milk cartons were filled with chocolate drizzled popcorn & pretzels for guests to enjoy as a party favor.

The one decoration I really wanted to make was a simple white fabric pennant banner. I usually make a banner personalized to the event (Happy Birthday, etc.), but I wanted to make a banner that could be used over and over for any event or holiday. I purchased half a yard of felt for about $4. I sewed a simple pocket for the twine then cut into triangles.  

"Old fashioned party" was our theme…as in keeping it simple. The decorations were simple and so was the food - a hotdog bar with various toppings to choose from, cornbread and honey butter, lemonade, root beer and lemon cupcakes.

The birthday boy had a blast celebrating turning "10" with his family. :)

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  1. Indeed these party decorations are simple dear but at the very same time, they are looking stunning. After deciding the event spaces for my party, I also want to go for such simple, beautiful and cost saving decoration ideas.


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