Saturday, October 17, 2015

Rainy Days

Hail, Rain, Floods, and Tons of MUD!

The past few days have been crazy in southern California.

My old hometown, Tehachapi, made the news because of mudslides trapping a couple hundred motorists in their cars. People were unable to steer or control their cars because they were floating on a freeway turned into a muddy river. I can only imagine how frightening that must have been. 

Our new hometown had about 3.5" of rain in an hour that created lots of havoc.  I couldn't believe the amount of water coming through our property.  We have a small drainage ditch running through the front pasture that wasn't even visible at one point. The WHOLE front pasture turned into a river carrying water and trees and mud and random yard items with it as it rushed along. 

In the midst of the chaos (road closures, mudslides, homes flooded, etc), I have witnessed such wonderful people working hard to serve their community.  Neighbors with their tractors working diligently to clear the debris off of the roads, helping one another with errands and trips to town, providing updates and information on road closures and conditions.

We aren't in control of the weather, but we are in control of our response. 

I'm so proud and thankful for how my community responded. 

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