Monday, December 12, 2016

Santa's Workshop (AKA my kitchen)

My kitchen has been overflowing with wood boards, cans of paint, and supplies for the past few weeks as I prepped for our local Christmas Craft Faire.  

This was my second year having a table at the event.  To be honest, there are a ton of emotions involved with this type of situation. There is the fun of creating new products, the excitement of having my items on display, the hope that someone there will find something that catches their eye to purchase, and a whole lot of stress! :) There is also a ton of gratitude. My dad spent hours working with me prepping windmill blades, cutting wood, and assembling sleds. I'm very tankful for such a supportive family. 

These Christmas Tree signs above are double sided with a pumpkin patch design for Fall on the other side:


Now to turn the "workshop" back into a kitchen...

Hope you are all enjoying the festivities this time of year brings. Many blessings to you this Christmas season.

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