Mountain Home

Here you will find a few pictures of our former mountain home. 

Kitchen & Dining
A few snapshots of the kitchen.  A little bit of paint to cover the tired honey oak, a few new appliances and vintage treasures from my mom and grandma lend to a modern farmhouse feel.

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drapery fabric purchased here.

The kitchen & dining room was transformed from peach to a neutral gray/white.


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Living Room

Den/Playroom Conversion

This wall was blocking the view from the living room to the front of the house.  The entrance to this bedroom was around the corner to the right.  It is still technically a "bedroom" because it does have a closet, but we opted for a double door entry from the living room side of the room.  We use this room to store the kids toys & television. 


The old doorway to that room used to be where the calendar now hangs. 

Master Bedroom

Boys' Room

(Ok, ok, so there aren't any "bunk" beds in the room, but it is still a bunkhouse.)

The stuffed animals are stored in a galvanized tub.

Crying cowboys and chaps :)

Boys' Bath

Laundry Room

The Outside

the pups
 alyssum & lamium
sweet peas (pink) & whisky barrels with petunias
 lamb's ear

 sweet peas and jupiter's beard


  1. Tehachapi Grandma BarbFebruary 16, 2013 at 7:22 PM

    Wow! I feel like I've just been at your home for a visit! I guess I stayed a long time though because I saw both the delightful snow and the incredibly beautiful spring flowers. I saw artistic creativity everywhere I looked. Can you come and use some of your wonderful talent on my home?

    1. Barbara, you are too kind! Thanks for the sweet words.


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